Ken Yokoyama DEAD AT BUDOKAN Returns / 桜吹雪 VANS




8年2ヶ月振りに武道館のステージに立った『KenYokoyama DEAD AT BUDOKAN Returns』を記念して、
彫ひろによる桜吹雪をドロップしたVANS SK8-HI が会場で発売されました。
刺青とVANSを愛する男、Ken Yokoyamaらしい仕上がりとなっています。LIVE同様、ホットな一足です。


Ken Yokoyama DEAD AT BUDOKAN Returns 特設サイト

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ken yokoyama
dead at budokan returns/ sakura fubuki by VANS

for the celebration of getting on the stage of budokan in first time in 8years in 2month,
VANS SK8-HI with Sakura fubuki (blizzard of cherry blossoms) designed by horihiro of threetides tattoo went on sale at the venue

it was top secret until the day of the show so fans at the venue were freaking out!

the shoe became great representations of
the man who loves tattoos and VANS ken yokoyama and looks as hot as his show!

this shoes only went on sale at budokan live venue and threetides does not sell this product. thank you.